About the project

Civil Society Forward is an ambitious two-year program funded by the USAID, and designed as a phase-out strategy from its inception, leaving behind a strong group of CSOs ready to engage in direct and successful partnerships with donor community, business sector, state institutions and other key stakeholders.

In close partnership with the USAID, and building on the Civil Society Advocacy Initiative (CSAI), as well as other important democratization efforts in the country, the Serbia Forward program will strengthen domestic civil society structures and support country’s accession to the EU.

CSF Core Partner Organizations
In the beginning of April, following an intensive evaluation process, and in close coordination and partnership with USAID, ISC Serbia decided to offer the Core Partner status to the following nine organizations: Details...

Success Stories

Green Hostel in Užice

The city of Užice is one of the biggest urban centers in western Serbia. A number of tourist attractions are located in its surroundings – Mokra Gora, Zlatibor, Tara and Sirogojno. Nevertheless, as recently as two years ago, the accommodation capacity of this city was far from adequate – there existed only one partially functional old hotel to accommodate tourists and visitors passing through.


Young champions from local Divac Youth Fund groups transform their communities

They built new outdoor sports fields in Brodarevo, setup a lighting system for a children's playground in Kolovratu, cleaned-up the  Seljašnica river, renovated a platform for dispensing touristic guides in Kamena Gora, equipped natural rocks to create a climbing route on the Ovča mountain


  • The WIKICIV Platform: An Organizational Development Resource for the Civic Sector

    “Civil society organizations must be the ones to further advance their own work and development,” said ISC’s Aleksandra Galonja, one of the editors, speaking at the launch of the WIKICIV platform, a new online organizational development resource and knowledge base whose purpose is to allow anyone, but most of all civil society organizations, to learn about...


  • On December 16, ISC presented a public opinion survey at the premises of Impact Hub Belgrade in order to introduce results and attitudes of the Serbian citizens towards the non-governmental sector, as to identify the biggest problems facing the country.


    Public Perception and Attitudes towards the NGO Sector in Serbia
  • Mobile Kitchen Receives New Space to Serve the Needy

    The Mobile Kitchen, launched in 2012 by the Association “Naša kuča” for persons with development disabilities, received a new 200m² space and facility in Mirjevo to meet the growing demand for its services.


  • ISC and USAID Celebrate Success as the “Civil Society Forward” Program Ends

    The closeout conference organized on November 18, at the Mikser House in Belgrade, marking the completion of the two-year Civil Society Forward (CSF) project, served as an opportunity not only to showcase the results of our partner organizations and recognize the progress ....


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  Civil Society Forward is program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)